searching, screening and placing high-value staff members is our business

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job placement services why choose ehi to assist you in your job search?
ethel harris, inc. invests more time into getting to know each candidate and each workplace. this time investment increases the mutual benefits of allowing ehi to assist you in your job search – while positioning the best fits for our client companies.

benefits for qualified candidates:

  • personalized attention during the interview process
  • extensive regional network of potential employers
  • each employer premises is visited and pre-screened
  • assistance with resume updating and preparation
  • on-site skill testing
  • experienced, dedicated, and efficient HR and personnel consultants working to find the best match for you and our client companies
  • Ethel Harris has been in the personnel business since 1985, and formed ethel harris, inc. in 1997

candidate + company process
ethel harris, inc. has perfected the daily methodology of staying abreast of workplace needs and requirements, while getting to know the most qualified incoming candidates for both temporary and permanent jobs.

ethel examlnes staffing    

searching, screening, and placing high-value staff members is what we accomplish every day.

1) send ehi your resume via email to:
ehi always takes the time to understand each candidate by remaining in touch with all applicants, regardless of present job openings or skill set requirements.

2 ) ehi will review your resume and consider your best fits

  • one page cover letters are optional and recommended
  • ehi then works to determine how we can provide the best assistance with your job search

3 ) ehi will always call you to discuss your resume, and get to know you and your working experiences

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